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Services and Repairs


Our mechanics are highly experienced and trained to provide the highest level of customer service.  We know you want to be on your bike now, so most repairs can be completed in a timely manner, test-ridden and doubled checked for safety.

We'll be happy to talk you through the service options, offer a competitive quote and get any applicable parts on order (if we don't already have it) for the quickest possible turnaround.

For all service related questions, contact our service manager Tyler at

(423) 894-9122 or email at

Dedicated Mechanics

Our experienced mechanics are here to offer the best service possible.  They are dedicated to ensuring you have the best cycling experience possible.

Boxing and Shipping

Racing in Colorado?  Vacation in Maine?  Sold a bike to someone in Nebraska?  We can box your bike for you and ship it as well!  We will provide the packing materials and the box.

Full and Deluxe Tune-Ups

We offer basic tune-ups that go over the entire bicycle.  We also offer deluxe tune-ups that include a deep cleaning using our ultrasonic parts cleaner.

Tire Change

We are here to help you with your inner tube, tubeless and tubular needs.  Need new sealant? We've got it.  Need rim tape?  We have it.  Have a flat on your wheelchair tire?  We can fix that too!

Minor and Major Repairs

We cover everything from basic shifting and brake maintenance up to custom wheel builds and custom builds from the frame up. 

Efficient Scheduling

Are you a dedicated racer, commuter or recreational rider with a busy schedule?  We offer flexible scheduling that allows you set a day for your bicycle to be repaired so that you can maintain your training and work schedule.

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